Small pouches

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Introducing Bite-Sized Freshness: Small Pouch Bags for Fruits and Vegetables At SIFCO, we are excited to unveil our innovative small pouch bags designed specifically for fruits and vegetables in bite-sized portions. Experience the ultimate convenience and freshness as we bring … Continued

Aluminum can

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Experience Unmatched Freshness and Customization with Our Superior Can Products! At SIFCO, we take pride in our exceptional can products, which offer an unparalleled level of freshness and customization. Our superior processes and strong connections with local farms enable us … Continued

Plastic Jars

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Introducing Our Lightweight Plastic Jars: Convenient Packaging for Easy Transportation and Household Use! At SIFCO, we offer a wide selection of high-quality plastic jars designed to meet your packaging requirements. Our plastic jars are the perfect solution for various industries, … Continued

Aseptic Drums

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Introducing Our Aseptic Drums: The Ultimate Solution for Preserving and Safeguarding Your Valuable Products! At SIFCO, we are proud to offer high-quality aseptic drums that provide a superior packaging solution for a wide range of industries. Our aseptic drums are … Continued

Polyethylene Bags

Introducing Our Concentration Polyethylene Bags: Streamline Your Processes with Reliable Packaging Solutions! At SIFCO, we specialize in providing high-quality polyethylene bags specifically designed for concentration applications. Our concentration bags are engineered to meet the unique requirements of industries that handle … Continued