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We have the following products in cans:

We offer a range of canned products designed to satisfy various tastes and preferences. Our sparkling lemonade is a delightful beverage that delivers a refreshing burst of citrus fizz in each can. For those seeking comfort and flavor, our gourmet tomato soup is a perfect choice, offering a rich and savory experience with every spoonful

  • Aloe vera
  • Rambutan and pineapple
  • Rambutan
  • Mixed tropical fruits
  • Mango
  • Jackfruit

Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera juice is a rich source of antioxidants, which help fight free radicals. This lowers oxidative stress on your body and reduces the risk of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and cance
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What We Do

Mass Production: We engage in the mass production of over 100 fruit juice, gel, and other fruit drinks. We deliver 100% authentic products by following a standardized process that ensures the
quality of each fruit is retained. From processing to canning, we can trust ourselves for quality, standard practices, and safety. Our business model is to sell our products directly to businesses- major suppliers and retailers. We produce aloe vera in pouch, can, and aseptic drums in large quantities which we sell to retailers through our subsidiary brand (SIFCO). Also, we produce tropical fruits such as starfruits, pineapples, etc. Customers buy in tonnes. We are a reputable supplier of edible, consumable fruit products that are standardized. We have subsidiary brands to which we sell these products in plastic jars and cans. 

Our Core Values


The company was founded on the core principle of integrity. We are credible, we work to earn the confidence of our customers by maintaining best practices always. We do not compromise


Quality is the benchmark of all our products. We are committed to delivering the best quality to customers thereby establishing ourselves as a company with a high reputation in the industry.


Our customer relationships are built on trust and mutual benefit, with a focus on longterm partnerships. We build trust through our good standard of production and commitment to best practices.


Innovation is the value to leverage to be at our best always, adapt to the latest development in the fruit canning industry, and maintain an advantage over our competitors


We do everything with excellence in mind. To us, excellence is a win-win; customers get the best products to drive sales and profits while we also become a popular brand in the market


We are professionals, and we deliver our products and services in a manner that befits the international standard. Each product is produced in a clean and hygienic environment under proper health conditions.


We are committed to producing, developing and continuously improving product quality to ensure the safety and quality standards that customers need to be hygienic and comply with Thai labor standards, ethics, and environmental responsibility, raising awareness in the organization for sustainable progress. We are committed to continually “producing and developing product quality to ensure safety, quality, and standards as required by customers”

SIFCO policy

We are committed to “ to continuously produce, develop and improve product quality to ensure safety and quality standards that customers need to be hygienic and comply with Thai labor standards, ethics, environmental responsibility, raise awareness in the organization for Sustainable progress