Global Cucumber Industry

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The global cucumber industry is largely reliant on warm, well-lit cultivation techniques such as greenhouses. However, due to rising energy prices, most countries are now abandoning these methods. Because cucumbers require a high temperature to grow, they are grown primarily in hot climates throughout the world.

The demand of cucumbers, all over the world, is high due to many reasons. One of which is that it is full of nutrients. The water inside them can help keeping your body hydrated and the fiber inside them can help your body boosted regularly and avoid constipation.

In Europe, the German cucumber market mostly rely on Netherland and Belgium. In French markets, cucumber prices are going high due to increase in production cost. Same is the case with Spain, Austria, Italy, and other European countries.

In African countries, most of the time, the weather remains sunny. They rely mainly on the organic methods of cultivation, and hence the prices are low. Nowadays, the price per kilo cucumber is 0.7-0.8 euros. That’s why their demand is high all across the world.

In North America, cucumber growth cut down due to cold weather conditions. In Mexico, the production is less. Hence, more hot areas have been discovered like Culiacan, and Sinaloa for more cucumber production. They are trying to grow cucumber by USD 1.08 billion during 2020-24.

In Japan, the cucumber production reached at historic high in 2021. The country which imported more Japanese cucumber was Hong Kong. Malaysia was second in that list. Whereas, the countries which exported cucumber to Japan include Australia on the top.

So, all in all, due to sudden change in weather all across the world, cucumber production price is touching sky high due to increasing energy price. Which badly effect its cultivation and hence quality.





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