Different types of Pickled Ginger product in Japan

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People in Japan used to eat pickle as part of their daily lives, alongside every traditional meal at lunch and dinner. It is an essential component of their diet. They present it in a garnishing style for palate cleansing or digestion purposes.

Pickles are made in a variety of ways by Japanese people. Salt (Shiozoke), Rice Bran (Nukazuke), Sake Lees (Kasuzuke), Soya Sauce (Shoyuzuke), Vinegar (Suzuke), and Miso are just a few examples (Misozuke).

“Pickled Ginger” is one of the pickles that will be discussed in this article. Pickled ginger now comes in a variety of flavors, including Sushi Ginger (Gari) and Red Pickled Ginger (Beni Shoga).

Sushi Ginger (Gari) is a pickled ginger that is red pink in color. Ginger, plum vinegar, and salt are used to make this dish. This vinegar is best used to cleanse the palate and enhance the flavor of meals. It also helps to calm your stomach after just one slice. It is simple to make at home in just 20 minutes or to purchase from a nearby market. It has a light reddish pink color.

Beni Shoga (Red Pickled Ginger) is thinly sliced ginger bran in a sweet rice vinegar mixture. It has a light pink color that comes from the use of young ginger. It is the most widely used pickle in Japan. It’s also used to enhance the flavor of food and effectively clean the pores of the palate.

To summarize, pickled ginger products are an integral part of Japanese cuisine. They consume a lot of it to stay healthy.


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